What We Do – Process Guide

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The HCA Process Guide

If you’ve not worked with an architect before, Hewitt and Carr would like to give you some indicators on the kind of information we will need and the process of developing. This will help guide your thoughts prior to us making an initial free visit.



Strategic Definition

First, we need a plan of action, so we ask you lots of questions to find out what you want from your project. Consider what your current situation, what the purpose is, what you would like it to look like and how big you need it to be.


Preparation & Brief

Based on your project goals, and also any info we gather through existing building or site surveys, we develop a project brief. This is where we begin to turn your ideas into drawn reality.


Concept Design

Based on the brief, we create and share our initial design idea, including useful info such as procurement options, planning strategy and cost plan. This is based on an industry informed cost per square metre and should be taken as a rough guide.


Developed Design

During this stage we start to develop our ideas, adding detail to the architectural, building services and structural engineering designs to enable a planning application. We act as your agent throughout the planning process so that you can get on with your day to day activities and leave your development in our capable hands.


Technical Design

We prepare technical designs, to include design and specifications from subcontractors, and discharge any planning conditions imposed by the local planning authority. At this stage we may need to involve additional consultants such as structural engineers or building services engineers. You may want to consider a quantity surveyor if budgets are tight.


Construction Phase

Having tendered the project and selected the right builder, the construction of your project begins! But we are still on hand to respond to any design queries should you or your chosen contractor need us.


Project Handover

The building work on your home is now complete. Enjoy the new spaces you have created.


In Use By Client

This is your opportunity to provide feedback. Have your objectives for the project been met? How has it improved your home or how you live in it? Let us know if you’re happy to give us a testimonial, or if we can come and take a few pictures. It’s always much appreciated!